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Digital Marketing Services - Basic

We’re Trustworthy and Innovatory Digital Marketing Company in India, delivering Updated Digital Marketing Services-Basic with effective methodologies, at Affordable Packages using SEOSMOSMMSMOContent Marketing and targeting the right Audience to increase Brand Awareness, Leads, Reach, Sales, Conversion Rate, ROI, Market Value.

Reading the heading of this page you might wonder “What’s this Basic in Digital Marketing Services?”

   So Friends! We, Omkara Marketing Services have just separated our services on the basis of the principle of working with Businesses who are interested or who use Digital Marketing Services for their growth.
Digital Marketing Services- Basic simply means the Digital Marketing Services offered by us based only on the strategy decided and guidelines given by the Business Owners or Authorized persons of a Company. We don’t interfere in any of the Marketing Strategy pre-decided by you.

      The reason behind doing so is to enhance the working environment with you and avoid issues related to these topics with companies.

We also provide the

Digital Marketing Services- Enhanced

in which we completely deal and decide the required Marketing Strategy using Inbound Marketing Services, Omni-Channel Sales Practice, Integrated Marketing Services and other Resources so that core Digital Marketing gets molded according to the Market, Customers, Trends.

Digital Marketing Services-Basic, Digital Marketing Company, SEO, SEM – by Omkara Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services-Basic, Digital Marketing Company, SEO, SEM, SMM, AdWords, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Dynamic Remarketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing– by Omkara Marketing Services. Image 1


Now please go through what exactly we are going to serve through our service which is: Digital Marketing Services (Basic)
  1. PPC /SEM(Google AdWords Campaigns)
  2. Google's Search Advertising,
  3. Google Display Advertising Services,
  4. Video Advertising Services,
  5. Google Shopping Ads Services (eCommerce (Online) Store Marketing),
  6. Mobile App Promotion Services
  7. Offline and Online Campaigns with Complete Analysis.
  8. Advanced Remarketing without Cookies
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  10. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services (Paid Advertisements)
  11. Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  12. Instagram Marketing Campaigns
  13. Linkedin Marketing Campaigns
  14. Twitter Marketing Campaigns
  15. Pinterest Marketing Campaigns
  16. Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services–Organic Results in Social Media
  17. Email Marketing Services
  18. Google AdWords Video Network Marketing Campaign Services
  19. YouTube Advertising Services.
  20. Mobile Marketing Services (Bulk SMS, Push Notifications, SEO of Mobile Responsive Website etc.)

Depending upon the directions of the business owner above-mentioned Digital Marketing Services (Basic) will be provided and charged accordingly. 

Our team experts deliver successful results for your Business while remaining focused on your objectives, brand, and strategy.


Digital Marketing Services-Basic, Digital Marketing Company, SEO, SEM – by Omkara Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services-Basic, Digital Marketing Company, SEO, SEM, SMM, AdWords, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Dynamic Remarketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing– by Omkara Marketing Services
  1. Tremendous increase Internet Literacy and Internet Users:- in Due to the revolution in technology and decrease in charges of internet and gadgets more people are getting engaged with the Digital World in every part of our Country and even in the World.
  2. Targeted Audience:- Digital Marketing facilitates the interaction with targeted audience means it lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don't i.e. try and invest for those who are likely to be interested in products or services provided by you.
  3. Targeted Remarketing:- Digital Marketing allows you highly targeted Remarketing / Retargeting / Re-messaging to the visitors who haven’t become your customers yet or who you want to be consistent repetitive customers.
  4. Digital Marketing makes you ready for the IoT:- Internet of Things (IoT) is a Global Ecosystem of interconnected devices like smartphones, tablets, gadgets, appliances, and more that can interact with each other through the Internet.
  5. Control your Budget:- There is no minimum limit and maximum limit in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing lets you to Control your budget. You decide how much you want to spend, and pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  6. Affordable Strategies:- Digital marketing strategies are affordable. Digital Marketing is cost-effective than Traditional Marketing styles.
  7. Measure and Analyse your Digital Marketing efforts with utmost accuracy:- Digital marketing delivers analytics. It is easy to track and monitor your digital campaigns. Know what works, quickly track your ad's effectiveness and easily make changes to improve results.
  8. Additional Sales Channels:- Digital marketing provides businesses with additional sales channels. Reach more people in more places Connect with customers no matter where they are—on their computers, tablets, mobile phones, even in apps!
  9. Tailor Ads to your Goals:- Tailor ads to your goals. Take advantage of different platforms of Digital Marketing, different ad formats, and features to customize your ads to your different business goals, like adding a clickable "Call" button to your ads to get more phone calls, or using Vide Ads to showcase your brand.
  10. Brand Awareness and Establishment:- Digital Advertising Maintains Top-of-Mind AwarenessYour Business Name / Brand can provide a more interactive experience to new and existing customers through digital marketing channels.
  11. Different platforms of Digital Marketing:- Different platforms of Digital Marketing allow you to start and be a part of the conversation between customers and you, about your company.
  12. Nurture the Leads (Customers):- Nurture means build the relationship with your customers even after conversions (sales) and make them your happy promoters.
  13. Real-Time Responding / Interaction with Customers:- With digital marketing, you can respond to trends in real-time.
  14. Increase Reach:-Your business can significantly increase reach.
  15. Customer Relationship in Buyer’s Journey:- Digital Marketing cleverly helps brands improve their customer relationships in each stage of Buyer’s Journey.
  16. Synchronization with Other Marketing Types:- Digital Marketing never detaches you from any other kind of Marketing instead it resonates, synchronizes and amplifies the successful results very happily all other types of Marketing Methods like traditional print marketing.
  17. Educate Customers:- Digital marketing can educate customers. One of the best features of digital marketing is its ability to help brands educate their customers and share information that makes their lives better.
  18. Omni-channel Performance:- Digital Marketing allows you to simultaneously Integrate your Online and Offline Business Model and measure your performance holistically.
  19. Cross Device, Cross-Browser, and cross-location:- Digital Marketing can allow you to advertise, remarket your Targeted Audience across cross-device (across any device your audience may be), cross-browser (no matter which browser may be using) and cross-location (no matter in which location your audience may be on the go)
  20. Your Competitors are using Digital Marketing:- You may not have adopted Digital Marketing tactics but you have to have accepted the universal truth as customers gone digital your most of the competitors have already launched themselves on the Digital Marketing Platform. Therefore to stay up ahead of your customers always it is inevitable to use our Digital Marketing Services.
Our team consists of skill full experts in Digital Marketing results-driven, ensuring timely and cost-effective web solutions.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a business boom after a successful online campaign. Please browse through our more in-depth online solutions.

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Important Note about Digital Marketing Services (Basic):-
  1. Content (Image, Info-graphics, Blog Posts, Texts, Video, etc.) required won’t be created by us for Digital Marketing Services- Basic. We, Omkara Marketing Services can provide Content only through Content Marketing Services.
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