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We are Inbound Marketing Company in India, Provides The Best Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategies, Content Marketing Services to Establish The Brand Awareness, Generates New Quality Leads, Accelerate The Traffic, Boost Revenue, Increase Sales & ROI, Grow Long Term & Loyal Customer Relationship, Educate And Empower The Customers, Provide Larger Remarketing Audience, Increase in Working Potential And Harmonious Environment Between Sales And Marketing Team, Ranking On Search Engines, Hike In The Visibility On Social Media Platforms. We not only react to the market changes but anticipate and proactively use them make our Marketing Services successful for our clients.

Inbound Marketing is the marketing which people love. It is the technique of drawing customers to the product or service with the help of Digital MarketingContent MarketingSocial MediaSEOPPCSEMEmail Marketing and similarly.

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A) We implement the Four Steps (Stages) of Inbound Marketing Services which are Inbound methodology Stages. These are four stages Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.
B) We Also Abide The Fundamentals Of Inbound Marketing Strategy:

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company Image 2

What is Inbound Marketing?


What is done in Inbound Marketing Practice/Strategy/Services? 

  1. Inbound Marketing is a Marketing practice, a technique for attracting, dragging, drawing customers to products or/and services via different channels of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM),  Content MarketingSocial Media Management (SMM)Social Media Optimization (SMO)Email MarketingMobile Marketing and Mobile App Branding.
  2. Inbound Marketing targets to attract customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer's buying journey and simultaneously trying to build a life-long relationship.
  3. You as a business don’t go in front of the customers to interrupt them but inbound marketing practice implemented in such a way that your potential customers find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.
  4. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not need to take self-drive to find and grab the potential customers’ attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business.
  5. That means we can also say that Inbound Marketing is the usages of non-intrusive marketing techniques and tools like Content MarketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing to attract customers to your company rather than using intrusive traditional marketing.
  6. In the methodology of Inbound Tactics we efficiently identify buyer personas by a method the Buyers’ Journey or Insight Process, we can identify relevant information about the customers such as their opportunities, needs, pain points and decision-making process, among other things.
  7. As an Inbound Marketing Services Provider who efficiently practices inbound marketing strategies, we can help in developing a custom inbound marketing strategy based and a well-planned program that can best suit you and/or your company’s needs through the united efforts of marketing strategists, graphic designers, technologists and web developers and similarly.

What do we (Omkara Marketing Services) offer in Inbound Marketing Services?

Inbound Marketing is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just because someone is already a customer doesn’t mean that you can forget about them! Therefore we take care of customers, no matter in which stage of the purchase cycle they are.

A) We implement the Four Steps (Stages) of Inbound Marketing Services which are Inbound methodology Stages. These are four stages Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

This is the inbound methodology. It illustrates the four stages that make up the inbound marketing and sales process. These stages are Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

The analysis is part of every single thing we do with our Inbound Marketing Strategy. Anything we do -- any piece of content we create, any campaign we launch, or any marketing action we undertake -get analyzed.  But when it comes to creating a Great Inbound Marketing Strategy, it’s not enough trying to reach, we also know what the end users want to see.

To be a true Inbound Marketing Services Provider (and a truly successful one) we always work out to know what’s working, what isn’t, and how to implement new solutions and to improve our clients’ efforts as efficiently as possible. And again, the only way to do this is by taking the time to analyze your work.

1) Attract Stage of Inbound Marketing (Convert Strangers into Visitors):

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

Capture stranger and make them your website/business visitors.

Blogging, optimizing your website, and social media.

Our marketing strategies focus on generating the right traffic to your website through relevant and targeted content.

We attract the Buyer Personas of our Clients to their website or offline stores through search engines and social media or simply say with the help of our other Digital Marketing Services.

Starting at the beginning, we first try to attract strangers to your site, turning them into visitors. Some of the most important tools to attract new users are blogging, optimizing your website, and social media, used by Us. 

We, therefore, develop the Accurate Buyer Personas for a super-effective Inbound Marketing Strategy, Services.

Then we Create high-quality content for that Buyer Personas and map it to their Buyer’s Journey

Increase quality traffic on your website and so generate qualified leads.

We, Omkara Marketing Services initiate the Inbound Marketing Service Process by Increase quality traffic on your website and so generate qualified leads for our clients’ business through our other services

2) Convert Stage of Inbound Marketing (Convert Visitors into Leads):

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company
Convert some of them into leads by gathering their contact information, because of the Contact Information of prospects in the world of Inbound’s Currency.

In order for your visitors to offer up that currency, willingly, you’ll need to offer them something in return.

Convert visitors into leads with enticing, valuable content. We get Mail, Ph. No. Address, Social Media Contacts in exchange for free white-paper, eBooks, tip sheets, etc. Exchange your high-quality content for their contact details.

By using marketing and sales techniques with our different Digital Marketing Services we convert visitors into the loyal and passionate customers.

Promote gated content with persuasive calls-to-action and dynamic landing pages.

We use our  Content Marketing Services to convert visitors into high-quality leads and connect with your Buyer Personas using the Conversion Process.

We then generate high-quality leads that can be nurtured into sales, through our effective Content Marketing Services, Calls-To-Action (CTA) and Optimized Landing Pages. We turn your website into a content generating and hence, therefore, a lead/business generating machine.

3) Close Stage of Inbound Marketing (Convert Leads into Customers):

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

After converting the visitors into right leads, we take our strategy and efforts to transform those leads into customers.

We nurture the leads with many ways e.g. Email  Automation and Workflow Services, then close them into sales i.e. into customers.  

We keep leads engaged with our clients’ business with automated, personalized email campaigns.

Then we structure out the in uniform workflows for lead management (CRM), follow-ups, and touch points.

In the Close stage, we use the tools like Email Marketing and a CRM which help sell to the right leads at the right time.

We at every stage track and analyze our effective conversion strategies.

Our marketing and sales teams are aligned to create an inbound buying experience that delivers happy customers!

Our Inbound Marketing Services always help clients’ business to capitalize on the high quality leads you to generate. A lead not nurtured is a sale lost because it will definitely be captured by the competitors.

We make it sure for that the leads are always under our radar for our clients by establishing internal workflows, lead management (CRM) and Email  Marketing Automation.

4) Delight Stage of Inbound Marketing (Customers to Brand Advocates):

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

Converting existing customers into delighted / happy promoters to recommend your products/services as that of yours.

We add a quite different value after the sale to make your customers happy, delight. We try to turn these customers into stunning fans and increase referrals & Upsells.

We position your business as an important resource for your customers and keep them coming back for more.

We have a simple and basic principle that -

We never neglect your any visitor, any lead and any customer no matter they have paid to purchase your products or services.

The reason is just simple and in our day-to-day life. Every person to whom we meet by any mean, physical meet or over the internet meet, we both become aware of each other, and hence we both act as a referrer or promoter or affiliate or representative of each other.

Same is the case here with Inbound Marketing Services offered by us to our clients.

When we Attract the visitor towards our clients’ business the prospects itself get converted into an affiliate or promoter.

If our customer in the Attract Phase of the Buyer Journey then he will promote our clients’ business to more similar end users who are in the same phase of Attract like of the one who got attracted towards us. And so on for the customers in the other stages of the Buyers Journey i.e. Convert, Close and Delight.

We try to make every customer as clients’ Loyal Customer which works as the greatest brand advocates.

We with our Inbound Marketing Tactics keep such brand advocates in the loop with the relevant and necessary updates, feedback requests, and new offers they might enjoy.

It should be understood that not a single customer want to be sold to a business. They have the desire for a good relationship rather than just a purchase receipt. Such Delightful Relationship with a Customer neither starts nor do collapses whether they pay you money for your services/products or they don’t buy such things form you.

We make sure to produce beneficial content for existing buyers, develop your relationship, and make them cheerleaders for your brand.

B) We Also Abide The Fundamentals Of Inbound Marketing Strategy:

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company Image 3

1) We First Build Up The Buyer Persona/Inbound Marketing Persona:

What is Buyer Persona or Inbound Persona?

Buyer Personas or Inbound Personas are defined as the semi-fictional representations of an ideal customer.

We always construct Buyer Personas or Inbound Personas which are based on real data and some educated speculation about demographics, behaviors, motivations, and goals.

These personas give us and our clients a really clear idea of exactly who these potential customers of our clients might be, what they are interested in, what they are dealing with, and what they are working towards, their demographics, goals, challenges, opportunities, pains, etc.

Businesses don’t want just any traffic to their site, indeed they want the qualified and the right traffic.

Businesses always in the search for the people who are most likely to become leads, and, ultimately, happy customers. Who are the “right” people? The right people are their ideal customers, what we call as their buyer personas.

Personas Are Created Through Research, Analysis, And Considering Who’s Already Buying From You i.e. who is your customer already.

They help clients and us to get into the mindset of the potential buyers and to create the right appealing content.

Therefore when we create the right content, our clients i.e. the businesses will effectively attract their ideal visitors, convert them into leads, and close them into customers.

Buyer Personas are the glue that holds every aspect of inbound marketing together.

"Step 1 - Research -            
We always believe in Actual Research and not assumptions.

If assumptions go wrong your persona will be.

And we always focus on the ‘Why’ or the motives of clients’ buyer personas, not their actions. The follow-up question to pretty much every question should be, "Why?"

Through interviewing current customers, former customers, prospects and even your co-workers., you're trying to understand your persona’s goals, behaviors, and motivations.

We always consider the existing customer base is the perfect place to start with interviews because they've already purchased clients’ product or services and engaged with their business/company.

Step 2- Identifying Trends-

Patterns and similarities in answers to persona research questions indicate who clients’ personas really are. We always there on the lookout for commonalities and similarities between the types of answers we’re getting.

Step 3 - Creating Persona Profile Stories-

We work out for the final step which is to compile this research and create persona profile stories.

We also use some important quotes collected in the interview.

It is worth reiterating here that

The Buyer Personas Are Those Customers Whom Businesses Are Trying To Attract, Convert, Close, And Delight—This Is Their Ideal Customer.

Your buyer persona is who you’re creating content for.

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

2) We First Understand The Buyer Journey Of Your Potential Customers:

What is a Buyer Journey?

The buyer’s journey is the active research process that people go through leading up to making a purchase.

Buyer Journey is like the buying process or marketing funnel one may be familiar with, but it’s from the buyer’s perspective.

Every interaction a buyer persona has with the business or organization should be tailored to where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Instead of considering top, middle, or bottom of the funnel, we can consider that the buyer’s journey is made up of 3 stages:
a) The awareness stage,
b) The consideration stage, and
c) The decision stage
That portray the experiences all potential customers go through.

It’s the path any customer takes when he has a problem to solve, from researching potential solutions to purchasing one.

In the awareness stage, customers first identify their problem or opportunity, then they investigate solutions, and finally, they decide on a way to solve their problem.

Stage 1 - awareness stage –

The awareness stage is when a prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. In this stage customers or people are doing education research to more clearly understand, frame, and give a name to their problem.

Stage 2- Consideration Stage-

The consideration stage comes when a prospect clearly defines and gives a name to their problem or opportunity. In this stage, prospects are firmly researching and understanding all of the available approaches and/or methods to solving the defined problem or opportunity.

Stage 3- Decision Stage-

The decision stage comes when a prospect decides on their solution strategy, method, or approach. In this stage, customers are usually compiling a long list of all available vendors and products in their given solution strategy. They may also research to whittle the long list down to a short list and ultimately making a final purchase decision.

3) We Create Marketing Content (Stuff Aligned With Context)

It should be understood that Inbound marketing can never exist without content, and that’s why the third best practice is to create remarkable, eye-catching, appealing and tailored content.

Kindly keep in mind that-

Inbound Marketing is Content plus Context.

The content is your marketing toolkit. We use blogs, interactive tools, photos/infographics, videos, and eBooks/presentations work to attract, convert, close, and delight.

Context is who we’re creating it for- You can’t just write any blog posts, you have to write the right ones, tailored to who you’re trying to reach and what they’re interested in. Without Context, content is just a Stuff.

Rather than creating content that covers the buyer persona’s problems and potential solutions, we never jump to explaining the products or our services to businesses and why they’re the best option.

Website visitors might come to a website for the first time in any of the different buyer’s journey stages, but you need to have content prepared for each and every stage.

If any product or service is most likely to help solve buyer persona’s problems, but that doesn’t make any web-page or any blog post is of awareness stage type.

Any product and service will be some form of the solution, but in this case, your blog post is talking all about the business. So this would be a decision stage piece of content.

When we're creating content, specifically blog posts, we try to keep it educational, empowering. Not educating them on who as a business you (clients) are and what you do, but educating them on their problems and solutions. It’s the inbound way. A way to build trust.

We try to tailor the content in a blog post and an email to who we’re trying to reach (a buyer persona) and what they’re most interested in seeing (which depends on where they are in the buyer’s journey).

In order to create remarkable content, we tailor it to both buyer personas and where they are in the buyer’s journey.

4) We Leverage / Spread It/Distribute It

Distribution is the relative term. If a piece of content is finite,  then obviously the promotion of that content is going to be infinite.

We make that relevant, appealing content available for buyer personas to find: content distribution is what provides the context to your content. It’s not enough to just have great content. One also need to have a way to get that content out into the world.

Distribution Makes Content Relevant.
We have the right content distribution technique to get the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

We may use clients’ website pages, business blog, social media, landing pages, calls-to-action, and marketing emails.

We just make sure clients are using tactics that help the content so created reach your buyer personas where they’re spending their time.

If they aren’t spending their time on Facebook, Facebook won’t be a major part of our distribution plan.

We research, develop, and use buyer personas. Then combine that new knowledge with the buyer’s journey to help you create and leverage remarkable content.

We never assume or believe that people find our content, we have the hard-headed habit to promote, or distribute, that content.

How do we make distribution more effective?

There’s a certain way you want to leverage your content through distribution. The right distribution technique gets the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

We always believe that content is a powerful tool to attract visitors, convert leads, and so on when it gets distributed correctly to help it actually achieve those feats.

Website pages and business blogs not only for content but to also host the different content offers that have been created. Landing pages always act as the doorkeeper for the content offers.

We use the Social media which is a fantastic tool to use when promoting the content. There are many different social channels you can use, so keep we keep buyer persona in mind and think about where they might be spending their time. We also use a social media scheduling tool to help save our time.

We use Calls-to-action to be placed on clients’ website to entice their website visitors download or request their different offers.

And we also use email to let clients’ prospects know about the exciting new pieces of content created.

We always consider Content Distribution as a way to maximize the shelf life of the content. We amplify that content.

We don’t make the mistake of getting a lot less engagement than one should for the amount of time getting spent on creating content.

5) Analysis

Just like every other aspect of an effective inbound strategy, we Analyze our content’s efficacy in order to get the most out of it.

We consider Are we (our clients) creating content on the right topics? Is it in the correct formats? Is it being distributed in the right ways?

"Knowing the answers to these and many more similar questions help to be more effective moving forward. Before washing and repeating, we make sure what we’re doing for our clients is really working for positive success. Why did it work? Why didn’t it?

Use that insight to create better content moving forward.

What are the metrics to consider when analyzing content?

a) Number of visits –
How many views did your content have?
b) Leads generated –
Did any content offer convert leads? How many? Did it reach a set goal?
c) Social proof, share-ability –
Did anyone share our content on social media? How many? Is it getting re-tweeted or re-posted?
d) Inbound links –
Are there any outside websites linking to our content? This could help build authority to client’s website and their content.
e) Content performance by an author –
Is one content author performing better than another?
We check or suggest whether they should be creating the majority of content in the future for clients or not? Or are there certain tips they follow that’s worth sharing with your other content creators?
f) Content performance by topic –
Do our clients’ buyer personas prefer a certain topic that is getting covered? We tend toward to continue writing about that content!
g) Content performance by format –
We consider and examine if there a certain format that is performing better than another? This can also give you insights on buyer persona. If they don’t seem to be coming to our webinars, maybe that’s not the right content for such buyer persona and we may test something else out.

Last but not least, we don’t forget to repeat! Repeat what’s working well for you and stop doing things that just don’t seem to be clicking.

We urge to remember one important fact about the Inbound Marketing that Inbound Marketing is nothing but testing things out and seeing what works well for you, again and again, and not for once.

Every industry is different!

C) What Hubspot (A developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales.) says about the Inbound Marketing

According to Hubspot, the Inbound is a fundamental shift in the way we do business. Instead of that traditional, pushy types, interruption-based (ads) message where the marketer or salesperson had all the control, Inbound is about EMPOWERING potential customers.

Instead of interrupting people with television ads, they might create such a content like an article, an image or a video that potential customers want to see. Instead of buying display ads in print publications, they could create a business blog that people would look forward to reading.

And they create useful, educating content so that prospects can engage with it, then contact them when they want more information, instead of cold calling such prospects.

D) What does Omkara Marketing Services think about the Inbound Marketing

We think is –

Consider a beautiful rose in a garden. That beautiful rose never goes anywhere instead numbers of bees get attracted towards it coming from various places.

Even we human beings also go toward that rose by ourselves.

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Rose has its own attractive, seductive figure, Inbound Marketing makes your Online and Offline Presence itself Attractive and Seductive to drag, to internally bound the customers to get attract, get dragged toward your services or products.
Inbound Marketing Services Inbound Marketing Strategy Digital-Marketing Company Content Marketing Services By Omkara Marketing Services

Why is it so? Or  Why it happens?

Because Rose has its own attractive, seductive figure. It has the spell-bound odor. These things are remarkable, extraordinary that are present in the rose making it a center of attraction for bees, insects, even human beings also.

In simple words we can say that Inbound is helping buyers, educating them about the services or products similar to yours, nurturing the relationship between them & you beyond a mere shopkeeper and a customer relation to making the ‘best’ buying decision without any expectation of sale.

In Inbound Marketing “Costumer Relationship Establishment and converting them into happy Promoters of your Business” is paramount of the matter.

We can think Inbound Marketing is not a Marketing Method or a special type of Service. It is also not any new concept or idea. It is a psychological process.

The way we think, we behave accordingly.

Inbound teaches us to think for the customer-centric environment in the marketing.

Inbound tells the businesses instead of practicing intrusive marketing present themselves in such a way that customers will find them on their own.

Inbound trains us to think considering the benefits, problems, solutions for the customers (customer-centric approach) and use all the Digital Marketing Channels Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Content MarketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM)Social Media Optimization (SMO)Email MarketingMobile Marketing  and Mobile App Branding so that right customer will be targeted at the right time with the right content

E) Some Myths or Misconceptions about the Inbound Marketing

“Is it the same as Digital Marketing?”
 “Is it something only related to SEO or the content?”
Answer:- No...
“What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing?” And the list goes on… (Too many confusing questions regarding the Inbound concept)
Some Business Owners or Authorized Personnel would also ask the following questions:
“Inbound marketing is not suitable for our business.”
“Our business is too boring for inbound.”
“Isn’t inbound only for the technology sector?”
Answer:-  If Industrial Giants like BBC, Shopify, Bently University, General Electric, Mercedes and much more use Inbound Marketing Strategies. You can find on searching with the proper queries.
 “There is no strategy when it comes to Inbound.”
“My neighborhood Granny does quite a bit of Facebook.”
Answer:- Its everybody’s Cup of Tree to implement Inbound Marketing Strategy in their Business. Inbound marketing requires a set of skills and strategies in order to work properly. It is a coherent strategy and needs to be carried out in a proper systematic form which requires special knowledge and expertise in the following:
  • Business Acumen
  • Creativity
  • Analytics
They are like the 3 vertices of a triangle. Tough luck, inbound marketers.
“It’s only meant for the small firms which cannot afford outbound marketing.”
“Oh!! It’s an expensive way to advertise.”
Answer:- Neither it is cheap nor expensive indeed costs depend upon the various factors like business size, business goals, a technology used, time desired to achieve the goal, etc.
“No, you cannot measure the effectiveness with Inbound.”
“The value of money and time spent on inbound cannot be measured.”
Answer:-With a good marketing software it can easily be measured. You can even calculate it yourself with the use of excel sheets and whiteboards but you need to have the proper understanding of data.
 “It’s nothing but content.”
Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing are synonymous.”
Answer:-Inbound marketing is a much broader concept and the correct content strategy is just a part of it. Content is a necessary condition for Inbound Marketing, but not sufficient.
“We can get immediate results.”
“The inbound campaigns are conducted to give instant results.”
“We can get immediate results.”
Answer:-It takes months or even years; you don’t just start a campaign and see immediate results. Inbound Marketing creates a long-term commitment, where all the components build up to establishing a lasting relationship with the customers. It’s like planting a seed and nurturing it.
“It’s just a fad and will soon go away.”
“Just a new obsession for the marketers.”
Answer:- Inbound marketing has evolved over time. And it continues to evolve Just a Trend...
We are with Inbound Marketing Professionals, always ready to work well with our company, help you to move toward my goals, and produce concrete ROI of the money you've invested but at the same time, you must abide the principles of Inbound Marketing to make it really happens.

F) Why is Inbound Marketing Necessary?

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company.  Image 1

1) The revolution in technology and especially on the internet has profoundly changed the way business is done.

Approximately 10-15 years ago, businesses used to reached consumers through print advertising, TV ads, radio, trade shows and other traditional marketing methods.  

Today, people start their purchase decision by searching the internet, using sites like Google.

Therefore to survive in this competition, your website needs to be found by search engines.

Once customers find your business, your website must address their target needs and encourage them to convert as a lead.
2) The sales process has changed because the Buying habits have changed.
3) Traditional Marketing was interruptive for customers.
4) Traditional marketing only used to push messages to a wide audience knowing that only a small percentage of whom was ready to respond and act.
5) Traditional marketing had the focus only to grow brand awareness instead of cultivating sales relationships.
6) Traditional Marketing has a higher average cost of acquiring new customers but Inbound Marketing cost comparably lower cost.
7) Traditional Marketing was Business Owner centric but Inbound Marketing is customer-centric.
8) Traditional Marketing is powered by the budget and repetition but Inbound Marketing is powered by the creativity and appealing content.
9) Since internet visitors are now in full control of how they get information, inbound marketing attracts prospects by guiding how they use information
10) Attract more high-quality traffic to its site means more qualified leads.
11) Convert site visitors into leads. Nurture those leads into trusted relationships. Use relationships to create customers. Analyze online activity to optimize their sales funnel.
12) Inbound Marketing is organic and natural.
13) Inbound Marketing boosts your CRM and marketing automation.
14) Inbound Marketing allows you to set your goals, objectives, and measure, monitor, analyze them and use those statistics for optimization of marketing campaigns.
15) Inbound Marketing is affordable.
16) Inbound Marketing is highly targeted towards its audience.
17) A streamlined and focused approach to Inbound Marketing removes the hard-work of traditional marketing and allows you to work smarter.
18) With a strong strategy, industry-leading software and buyer insights, we have the tools to target your audience and serve them with the information they’re searching for.
19) With our Inbound Marketing Services we try to increase the customer interest and brand awareness, we pull qualified leads into the sales funnel and send them to your sales team when they are almost ready to buy.
20) Inbound Marketing Services are able to Generate quality leads and traffic through qualified, relevant and appealing content
21) Inbound Marketing Services gives the valuable and actionable insights of Buyer Personas and Buyer Journey that naturally increase conversion rate.
22) Inbound Marketing Services provides the better returns in turns of revenue and qualified leads with a focus on process optimization.
23) Inbound Marketing Services create and maintain a deep understanding of potential buyers and their needs for the decision-making process.
24) Inbound Marketing Services has the ability and capacity to track various marketing metrics and see where things could be improved
25) Inbound Marketing Services has potential to increase visibility and brand awareness with cost-effective way.

G) The Benefits of Inbound Marketing Services provided by Omkara Marketing Services:

1) Main benefits are that Our Inbound Marketing Service always Generates Quality Traffic & Leads if the qualified content is used.
2) Our Inbound Marketing Service gives long-lasting positive and successful results.
3) Our Inbound Marketing Service Increases Increases Website Traffic, Social Media Channel Traffic. Blogs and other types of content continue to generate traffic long after they’re published.
4) Our Inbound Marketing Service Increases Visibility of Brand/Business.
5) Our Inbound Marketing Service Increases Brand Awareness.
6) Our Inbound Marketing Service Educates the customers, visitors.
7) Our Inbound Marketing Service Empowers the customers, visitors.
8) Our Inbound Marketing Service Increases Trust and Credibility among the people and the customers.
9) Our Inbound Marketing Service uses More Qualified Content and hence Generates More Qualified Customers.
10)Our Inbound Marketing Service is Cost-Effective.
11) Consumers Don't See Adsa.   80% of people have become highly effective at totally ignoring paid ads on search engines and websites. If media isn't owned or earned, it might as well not even exist for many of today's consumers.
12) Our Inbound Marketing Service always try Capturing Lead Interest Which Is Crucial In Today’s Competition.
13) Our Inbound Marketing Service Provides Strong Sustainable Growth
14) Our Inbound Marketing Service Tries To Speed Up The Purchase Cycle.
15) Our Inbound Marketing Service Helps to Monitor the paid and non-paid marketing efforts with accuracy.
16) Our Inbound Marketing Service Helps to Measure and Analyze the paid and non-paid marketing efforts with accuracy.
17) Our Inbound Marketing Service Helps to Optimize the paid and non-paid marketing efforts with accuracy.
18) Our Inbound Marketing Service Gives The Business Opportunities to Reach new markets and audiences
19) Our Inbound Marketing Service Helps to build the Industry Leadership, Thought Leadership for our clients.
20) Our Inbound Marketing Service decreases the overall spent on the outbound marketing efforts, which are for short period of time.
21) Our Inbound Marketing Service gives much higher and recurring customer relation, retention.
22) Our Inbound Marketing Service gives the benefit of brand advocates i.e. we convert most of the customers into happy promoters of the brand of our client.
23) Our Inbound Marketing Service Generates much better ROI.
24) Our Inbound Marketing Service Increases Conversion rates.
25) Our Inbound Marketing Service increases Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).
26) Our Inbound Marketing Service uses Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing for Content Distribution thereby increasing the direct customer contact database.
27) Our Inbound Marketing Service surely helps in the SERP Rankings as valuable, solution worthy content is loved by both i) Search Engine ii) People i.e. the end users.
28) Our Inbound Marketing Service helps the lot in B2B Industry as Buyers are more researcher in nature.
29) Our Inbound Marketing Service also simplifies the job of the sales team.
30) Our Inbound Marketing Service builds the relationship between the marketing team and sales team of the same company thereby creating a progressive, harmonious environment in the company.
31) Our Inbound Marketing Service makes the content whether it is a website or social media handle work as a marketing personnel for 24x7.
32) Our Inbound Marketing Service provides Larger Remarketing Audiences: More qualified content distribution implies the enhanced and increased chances and success to get the larger remarketing audiences.  

Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Services, Inbound Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Services -By Omkara Marketing Services, the Inbound Marketing Company, Digital Marketing Company

H) Here are the few key-points that how we work while optimizing your business and its marketing, advertising, promotion campaigns:-

Kindly remember the points given below:
  1. A customized, personalized and unique Inbound Marketing Plan/Strategy that suits your business, goals, and needs. We research, analyze, identify the trends, your current position and future lead generation goals, and then lay out specific strategies that will help in attaining these objectives in an effective and efficient manner.
  2. We expect that Business must give us an unrestricted access to communicate with them to make our journey for your success easiest one.
  3. To work fluently we need that Business should co-operate with us so that we can understand your business and clients.
  4. We may ask you for a new website design that synchronizes, facilitates Inbound Marketing Strategy which we are going to decide for you. It is mandatory to make sure that your company’s parent website or any other landing pages are optimized for Inbound Marketing. These can either be editorial changes, or a complete overhaul.
  5. Creation of relevant, compelling, conversion driving, quality content as per the ethics of Inbound Marketing.
  6. Having created and (posted) served quality content regularly on your website(s) and another channel where your business exists, rather than quantity of the content to the users in each phase of buyer’s journey is one of the main ways in which your business can optimally practice inbound marketing strategies in order to generate quality leads.
  7. This content can be in the form of images, infographics, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts whitepapers, webinars, and eBooks among other things.
  8. Integration of newly applied Inbound Marketing Strategies with previously active systems. If you’re worried about exchanging or transferring your current data, software, backup and wasting all the work you’ve put in before practicing inbound marketing strategies, don’t worry.
  9. We have the experts, professionals comfortable with tackling APIs, custom coding and interfacing existing business systems with newly launching Inbound Marketing program to optimize end results.
  10. Building the basic, reliable foundation to increase your value proposition, online reputation, and overall brand awareness. With an effective and efficient inbound marketing strategy, we will try that your company has stayed always ahead in its competition.
  11. It should be noted that marketing isn’t that any previous case study from any industry will fit yours at any point of time because every Business is different from another just like the same shirt doesn’t match for everybody.
  12. Generation of quality leads by Inbound Marketing Strategy We need to take heavy efforts and devote a lot of time during the initial stages of implementing inbound marketing strategies in your company in order to generate quality leads.
  13. We try to improve the conversion rate of your by Inbound Marketing. By understanding the buyer persona of your customers, their buying journeys, and then defined a content strategy on that basis you can efficiently convert the leads you generate into loyal customers.
  14. We will detail you about how we plan to gather information about your industry and your best buyers, and how we will personalize marketing strategies to fit your business's needs.
  15. We are honest with our work as it speaks and is going to speak about us everywhere rather than ourselves. Therefore we always speak on the basis of real data and not on the basis of any types of suggestions.
  16. We never make grandiose promises that they can't follow through on. They will speak realistically about marketing best practices and expectations.
  17. We at each step monitor performances, analyze results and optimize Inbound Marketing Strategies. Simply utilization of an Inbound Marketing Strategy without its tracking, the analysis isn’t enough instead will lead to damage; we will also monitor the performance of each and every step, analyze the results stemming from each step and optimize your strategy accordingly in order to get the best results.
  18. We use Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, etc. similar)? We also, at every stage/step of Buyers’ Journey analyze, measure the performance, calculate ROI, progress.
  19. At the very least, the agency should be using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, Social Media platform’s separate analytic tools. These are the basic SEO & PPC tracking platforms.
  20. If the businesses decide to integrate their website with a nice CRM, CMS, or marketing automation software, they can also make reports based on that analytics.
  21. We are always ready to help to grow business by any of the systems in which clients want to implement and the same will be charged differently.
  22. We make sure to give our every client an easy and delightful, never-ending joyous experience through our services. We don't lock them into a prolonged contract.
  23. We do business with our clients the way we would want a third party service company/agency to do business with us.
  24. Generally, we will definitely need this following information from you, including:
  • Logins to your website, Social MediaAdWords, and any other platforms you're using
  • We, after you appoint us, may do a fresh survey, research, analysis of your whole business, then do identification of relevant trends for your business, etc. though you may be having a similar type of data.
  • Prior marketing history & analytics if you have them
  • Access to any marketing materials you're currently using (pamphlets, blog, books, videos, etc.)
  • What you hope to get out of your marketing
  • Contact information for all relevant parties
  • A list of current clients, potential targets, and past customers
  • Time - you'll want to do an initial consultation, a fleshed out strategy meeting and 2-4 hours a month for progress meetings
  • And there will be a few more things along the way.
  1. We'll make sure you see expected results or more than that in the required time period. It must be understood by any business that Inbound Marketing strategy is completely different from Traditional Marketing styles.
Traditional marketing is interruptive and marketer-centric. The traditional way of doing things is convenient for the marketer because they can push content in people’s faces whenever they want – even when those potential customers don’t want it. But it’s not such a great experience for the user – the potential customer.

Remember, now-days each any type customers have almost 60% knowledge of the products or services which your sale. They are well educated about the products or services more than half.

Therefore they never want to be sold to, they want to be educated. Such education definitely takes time as it is not a curriculum-based education but business oriented or business purpose and inbound marketing strategies are those who can deliver the kind of information your prospects need to help them make smart well-informed decisions.

Since inbound marketing and sales are customer-centric, you need to know who you’re trying to reach.

Overall, the speed and size of your results will depend on how much you pay. The more you pay, the more hours per month they will be able to block off for your business (because we also have other clients that are paying for their time). The more time we are able to put into your marketing strategies, the faster you should see results. (this is just one factor)
  1. Some aspects of inbound marketing can take months to get off the ground, while others can show results immediately.
  2. We will probably have to do some research and outline a strategy before giving you concrete numbers about the costing, so don't expect an immediate answer from us to have an answer right away.
  3. Therefore we request you to give all the true and correct information whichever may be sought by us regarding your business.
  4. Essentially, the friendly environment can create a vibe for success creating work. So think about us as an integral part of your team.
  5. Don’t mere think of us as mere paid service providers; eventually you will have to mix up with us and we will have to mix up with you as a friendly partners to reach the destination i.e. the Business Goals fixed by you for us and that will happen through weekly meetings, progress reports and the development of your ongoing marketing strategy.

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  1. Content (Image, Info-graphics, Blog Posts, Texts, Videos, etc.) required won’t be created by us for Inbound Marketing Services.We can provide Content only through Content Marketing Services.


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